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Guangzhou Hoto Global Trade Co.,Ltd was established in 2011, mainly engaged in cross-border e-commerce and bulk commodity import and export trade.

In 2022, we entered the mining trade field and started to operate some projects, including precious metals like copper, chrome, lithium and antimony, and also other rare resources . We currently own a mine in Mexico with a professional mining team there. The copper mining project has already started running successfully and it keeps steady supplying to our domestic customers with high quality copper ore. The chrome project is planned to be on site in 2023. Other projects are also in progress.

We have a professional and efficient team who specialized in mining import and export. For local market, we built up a domestic sales channels in China. What the services we can provide includes: professional and strict quality control, mature and prudent import and export operation, perfect and reliable logistics system, excellent financing ability, outstanding market analysis ability, and meticulous and thoughtful service concept. Our vision is: We are committed to become a high quality and reliable benchmark supplier in the mining industry.

Our company adheres to the business philosophy of integrity and credibility, and warmly welcomes foreign suppliers and domestic customers to negotiate cooperation.

About Our Main Minerals

HOTO focuses on providing mineral resources that are either urgently needed by Chinese manufacturers or are in short supply in the market. For this purpose, we have built a professional team who travel overseas to find quality and reliable mineral resources. The mineral suppliers have to get through a rigorous investigation and screening process before cooperation, including enterprise qualification (management level, production status, financial status etc.), minerals background, quality testing and integrity investigation, etc. Only suppliers with excellent qualifications and reliable mineral quality could become our business partners. We provide mineral material to Chinese manufacturers, with stable delivery time and good quality guarantee. For our overseas suppliers, we are a good client with stable demand, sticking to contract, punctual payment and professional operation. As the overseas supply chain continues to be growing, our domestic mineral trade also keeps on expanding. Such a virtuous cycle is gradually forming.

The following are our current major minerals.

Latest News

HOTO Minerals: Tonight is a happy moment since our Cooper Project Start Running Well. And the container goods of cooper ore are shipped toward China port by monthly plan. A fantastic start for all the team members of HOTO Minerals. Let’s raise the glasses, quot!