Looking for More Partners in Mexico

Looking for More Partners in Mexico

In 2023, with our investment in a copper mining project in Mexico coming on stream and successfully supplying China, Mexico has become an important country in our mining trade blueprint. With our professional mining team, logistics team and product managers running well in Mexico, it means that we have started to establish our role in the Mexican mining industry. Based on this very favorable environment and conditions, we are eager to find more Mexican partners to provide quality minerals and services to our Chinese customers.

The partners we are currently looking for include the following:

  1. Copper and gold mining plants
  2. Copper ore refining plants
  3. Copper smelting plants
  4. professional shipping companies for ore goods
  5. professional testing organizations for ore goods
  6. professional mining consulting service company

If any of the above related companies are interested in cooperating with us, please feel free to contact us.

Contact email: info@hotominerals.com