Details About Main Minerals

Details About Main Minerals

HOTO focuses on providing mineral resources that are either urgently needed by Chinese manufacturers or are in short supply in the market. For this purpose, we have built a professional team who travel overseas to find quality and reliable mineral resources. The mineral suppliers have to get through a rigorous investigation and screening process before cooperation, including enterprise qualification (management level, production status, financial status etc.), minerals background, quality testing and integrity investigation, etc. Only suppliers with excellent qualifications and reliable mineral quality could become our business partners. We provide mineral material to Chinese manufacturers, with stable delivery time and good quality guarantee. For our overseas suppliers, we are a good client with stable demand, sticking to contract, punctual payment and professional operation. As the overseas supply chain continues to be growing, our domestic mineral trade also keeps on expanding. Such a virtuous cycle is gradually forming.

The following are our current major minerals:

Cooper Ore
Antimony Ore
Chrome Ore
Iron Ore

1. Cooper Ore: We are currently operating copper projects with both copper ore of about 5% grade and copper concentrate of about 20% grade. The copper ore is primarily from our own mines in Mexico, and the copper concentrate is generally purchased on a spot basis. Currently We are actively looking for suppliers of high grade copper concentrates as our Chinese customers have a very high demand for copper ore.

2. Antimony Ore: We are currently operating an antimony project with a grade of about 34% antimony concentrate and this project is under active negotiation.

3. Chrome Ore: We are currently operating a chrome project with a grade of around 42% chrome concentrate, which is expected to be on site in 2023.

4. Iron Ore: The iron ore project is one of our major projects in the future and preparatory work is underway.