Core Value of Our Team

Core Value of Our Team

Team Member

People are our most valued resource. HOTO Minerals is an equal opportunity employer that endeavors to be competitive in compensation to attract and retain the best talent. We lead by developing our workforce as a team to meet the ever-changing global trends.


Honesty and integrity. Always. We assume positive intent from each other in the team, respecting everyone’s opinions.


Safety is our culture. It is key culture both on and off the job. At HOTO Minerals, nothing we do is more fundamental than the health, safety, and well-being of our employees, and stakeholders.


Understanding our Impacts. In every decision we make regarding the environment and eco-system of our operations, we pursue policies that strive to meet industry standards. We are proactive in our engagement with regulators and the communities that our activities could potentially impact.


In it for the long haul. Building lasting partnerships through enduring friendships, team HOTO Minerals is constantly finding ways to create long term value and improve the quality of life for our neighbors. We believe in operating transparently, keeping an open door, and communicating often with community stakeholders.


To be transparent, ethical, and truthful. This is our commitment to our business partners. HOTO Minerals partners with those who share integrity and honesty as their core values. We are always open for to questions, clarifications, and conversations. HOTO Minerals understands that all transactions must be a positive experience and for all parties.