Our Role In China

Our Role In China

In 2022 our company officially entered the field of mining trade. At the beginning, we have assembled our team with a high standard of professionalism. This includes a mining team in Mexico, a logistics team in China, an import team in Guangzhou, and a sales team in each domestic province.

Our development is very fast and healthy. In a little over a year, our mining team has brought the Mexican copper project into production and successfully supplied China. Our import team and logistics team have operated the entire import and transportation process very well. Our sales team has developed quality customers in several provinces in China (Yunnan, Jiangxi, Hubei, Guangxi, etc.).

The minerals we can supply have expanded from copper ore to chrome ore, antimony ore, lithium ore, manganese ore, iron ore, etc. With the continuous improvement and expansion of supply chain system and sales channels, we can provide more trading opportunities and need more and more partners.

What the services we can provide includes:

  1. High quality and stable supply of ore resources;
  2. Professional and strict quality control;
  3. Mature and prudent import and export operation;
  4. Perfect and reliable logistics system;
  5. Excellent financing ability;
  6. Outstanding market analysis ability;
  7. Meticulous and thoughtful service concept.

Our vision is: We are committed to become a high quality and reliable benchmark supplier in the mining industry.