Our Services

Our Services

Whether you are a buyer or seller of minerals commodity, it is imperative when considering a new cooperation to take time to conduct due diligence.

Our services help you navigate this process and avoid costly obstacles, with our understanding the political, economic and financial conditions of the market, and professional knowledge & operation on minerals trading. All the carefully selected partners would ensure a successful and profitable relationship between all of us.

What We Offer

Minerals Trading

We are a global minerals trading firm helping commercial clients buy and sell minerals commodities in the global market.

Cost Control

Once engaged in an inquiry with a Buyer & Seller, we obtain the requested minerals at the right cost which can determine whether the company achieves profitability for each transaction.

Contract Negotiation

We are negotiation experts and can help you navigate the challenges of contracting and negotiations to not only assess the proposed terms and conditions to create a satisfactory agreement for both parties.

Logistics & Shipping

We have a perfect and reliable logistics system which rich experienced in mature and prudent import and export operation. We know well on how to best ship the bulk minerals commodities from or to international customers efficiently, securely, and legally, with competitive costs and available services.

Product Inspection

What the inspection partners we chose are global influence companies like SGS, CCIC etc. Whose advantage is the world’s leading training, testing, inspection, certification and verification company, with experience, expertise and a global reach. In some importance country like Mexico, we have professional team there to help on inspection before delivery.

Unique Service

All the team members are trained to work with meticulous and thoughtful service concept. At any period of transaction, we would always have patience to work on each details with our partners. Our professional expertise and market understanding would help to handle each transaction smoothly.